~glitterbug~ (drowned_sorrow) wrote in ljcouples,

New Here.

Wow, am I having an exciting few months or what!

I first stumbled across broomster about five months ago, when a friend of his stole an icon from a friend of mine, and I politely asked his friend to take the icon down. Having misread my comment, he got a bit narky, but apologised very quickly when he realised his mistake. After that we got chatting and we added each other, as you do.

broomster has seen me suffer several blows in the last few months, from breaking up with my long-term partner (ak67) to losing my house and having to start all over again. For most of the time we've known each other, he's sent the odd flirty comment, asking to meet up, which I've either politely turned down or ignored.

But four weeks ago, when he did it again, I found myself thinking "why not" and flirting back. A week later I was on a bus, travelling halfway across England to meet him.

And that journey was sooo worth it; broomster is about the nicest guy I've ever met, real great fun to be with, treats me with total respect and affection and is seriously cute into the bargain. I'm a very lucky girl.

We've only been together for three weeks, but I shall keep you updated on the progress of this relationship. Watch this space, and thank you for giving us lovesick idiots out here a place to go on about it without making people on our friends lists want to puke! x
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