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Hey guys! I've been meaning to post in this journal for quite a while, but time slips away these days. *smile* I found Pete's journal on March 30, 2003. We started talking back and forth and by the time July rolled around, we knew we wanted to meet each other and see if what we were feeling was right. I flew to England on September 2 and I knew the minute I walked through the arrival gates that he was the right person for me. We spent a week together and I met his family. It was so hard to say goodbye, but we knew we would be together eventually. He flew over in November and met my family. He proposed in December. I received my visa in January and flew over for good on January 27, 2004.

We were married February 28, 2004 so we're fast approaching our 3rd month of married bliss and life is good! I love being married and feel incredibly blessed to have found the perfect person to spend the rest of my life with. Marriage has had its own adjustments. For me, these have included settling into a new country and being away from my parents and 7 siblings. But, it's been worth it and my husband has gone above and beyond doing everything possible to make me feel at home. Including taking me to McDonalds once a week for a cheeseburger and watching American Idol with me every friday. We're planning on moving back to the US in December 2005, so we're cramming as much travel and exploration into the next year as possible.

Who knew I would have found someone this wonderful through my journal? =)

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