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the essence of love

oh my
how time flies~

james and i have lived together now
since january of 2002~
while i still love him
it would be unfair to say
that everything is peachy~
life is complicated
and so are the people in it~

here is what i think i know:
james loves me
and i love james
and we are willing
to make allowances for one another
and to seek advice and assistance
for things we seem not to be able
or willing to make allowances for~

really, isn't this how life boils down
on most fronts?
equal partnerships
are not always equal
...they equal out at the end of the day~

play your life
and your love
out loud!
whatever is true
and good
will out in the end~
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One feels great when loved.
Keep going but be ware of the xtreme turns.
thatz where ur patience comes of use.
Remember, a relationship is like a thread.
Even if it is pulled hard from the other side,
it wont break unless you hold it from your side.
Once the thread is broken it may not be difficult to tie it.
But it wont be the same single thread united and straight. It is two threads tied together with a knot in between which will not allow you to pass the eye of the needle.